Naylecia "Nay" Watkins

Devoted to the well-being of her peers in and around her community, Ms. Nay has taken her first hand experiences and have made them the art of her passion. As a young girl Ms. Nay found herself facing some of the most hardest times that any young could go through making her the epitome of a great role model. As a wife, business owner and mother of 4 small children, Ms. Nay was able to complete a Bachelors in Applied Behavioral Science as well as a Masters of Arts in Psychology. Without hesitation, she is also in the process of completing her PhD in Human Services. 

While she spent some time in a local church she has spoken to the congregation and many visitors on spiritual healing and prosperity while also reaching out to her peers, as well as her elders, in letting everyone know, they are not alone. Also, as an entrepreneur of over 10 years, she has partnered with many people around Atlanta as well as used the "Arise" platform to put people to work, educate in their finances, and encourage everyone to start with their mental to build on their finances. Here is when she grew her company MNW Home Solutions LLC and Partnered with Abundant Healing Counseling LLC as a Peer and Pastoral Counselor and continues to grow by appearing on Social Media delivering messages of "Motivation, Finances, Body, and Spirituality"! 


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