The Artful Playhouse

Dashell Singh


Dashell Singh has dedicated her time and career to helping children learn and grown in their own environment as a Homeschooling educator. With hands on experience teaching and raising children within her church, her own children and having a helping hand with other parents and their children, Dashell has become an asset to Abundant Healing Counseling as an Art Therapist. Not only does she take pride in the ART of Therapy but she also takes pride in creating ART in Therapy making her a true believer in her work and an advocate of the work of others. 

As the coordinator of The Artful Playhouse within Abundant Healing Counseling, Dashell is able to take therapy and counseling services to greater heights. By incorporating art and therapy for consumers, we are offering an alternative avenue to service consumers of all ages, backgrounds, talents and genres and examining physical, emotional, and mental health issues that may be occurring in their lives.The Artful Playhouse is a creative space for young and old alike. We offer hands-on classes and activities for all ages. The Artful Playhouse uses art, music and other mediums to explore and learn new skills.  We have a variety of educational classes for pre-school children on up to adult classes. We provide art therapy as well for those who need to express themselves through a creative process to develop physical, mental and emotional well being.